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Great Miniatures Painting DVD for Warhammer Armies

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DarkAngelsvsTyranids .19 300x225 Great Miniatures Painting DVD for Warhammer ArmiesI bought the Fromula P3 Hobby Series Volume 1 DVD from Privateer Press this week. This DVD is an excellent introduction to assembling and painting miniatures include Games Workshop’s 40k and Fanstasy models. The hour long DVD covers all the fundamentals including:

  • Pinning
  • Gap filling
  • Mounting on bases

Warhammer Armies: Starter Painting Kit

Unopened Warhammer Armies Empire Battalion box waiting assembly and painting

Battalion 300x224 Warhammer Armies: Starter Painting KitSo, you’ve got your first Warhammer Army and you want to make it fantastic! To assemble and paint Warhammer Armies (for either Fantasy or 40k),  you’re going to need to pull together a few  basic tools and materials. And you’re going to need to come up with some idea on what you want the army to look… Continue reading


Warhammer Armies — Movement Trays

IMG 0887 300x224 Warhammer Armies    Movement TraysMost Warhammer armies are composed of units that field in formation — so many models wide, so many deep. It is convenient to put your army on appropriately sized movement trays so you can move the whole unit together. This makes play move faster and will also make your army look much better. When… Continue reading


Warhammer Armies Empire Battalion Kit 800 Point List

excerpt thumb

draft lens14148441module134171781photo 1290037299Sample Warhammer Armies Empire Battalion Kit 800 Point ListYou can play a fully legal 800 point army using just the Empire Battalion box. You could even do more with a magic banner or two and some other plus ups. The 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles rule book provides specific requirements for your army. Every Warhammer army must have a general. Of course, there are… Continue reading


My North Star Warhammer Army List

His Lordship Frodensheim -- Empire Arch Lector -- Used In My North Star Army

Done 300x224 My North Star Warhammer Army ListI played in this year’s North Star Warhammer Tournament. This was an 8th Edition standard tournament of 2200 points. Trick was that I didn’t have an army! I registered in early September, and started working on my list in Army Builder. It became obvious really quick that “Oh, my, that’s a… Continue reading


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