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Pinning Miniatures for Warhammer Armies

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Tyranid Warrior Prime Warhammer Armies 4 150x150 Pinning Miniatures for Warhammer ArmiesPinning is a technique you can use to make very strong joints and to better mount your Warhammer figures to their bases. The basic process is to drill holes in the the two pieces you want to join, insert a pin of appropriate length into the holes, and then glue. This is an invaluable technique

Warhammer Armies Studio and Ork Army Update

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Warhammer Armies Studio 300x225 Warhammer Armies Studio and Ork Army UpdateI finally got some space organized in my basement for my 40k Terrain and Warhammer Armies projects. Which means I also started working on the Orc Army last night! I started these guys months ago and then got diverted to building my Empire Army for the North Star Tournament. Right now I’m working on five Ork Trukks… Continue reading


Warhammer Armies Works In Progress

Warhammer IG, Imperial Guard, Warhammer Army,Warhammer Armies,40k Army,40k Armies

I’ve finally nailed down some goals for my next Warhammer Army projects. I’m always working on two or more armies because I play both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k and also  because my son plays as well. Right now, I’m focused on getting ready for the Genghis Con wargames convention in February. I’m planning on playing in both the Fantasy GTT and the 40k tournament. [ads Inline_banner]… Continue reading


The Holidays are Tough on Warhammer

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Warhammer Armies work in progress 300x225 The Holidays are Tough on Warhammer

There's always more to do for Warhammer

November and December are such a tough time on my Warhammer playing and projects. As the end-of-year comes along, work gets hectic and then you’ve got the Holiday stuff and the family gets busy. I’ve got so many cool things going on. For my Warhammer… Continue reading


Armies of North Star Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Lizardmen, warhammer fantasy, Warhammer Army,Warhammer Armies,40k Army,40k Armies

Here are some of the great Warhammer armies I saw displayed at the North Star Warhammer tournament in November. This was a great event. It’s got a nice, open venue with lots of room between tables with passionate players. I’m definitely going again next year. I chronicled my journey to get there at Road to North Star. This included designing and making a 2000 point… Continue reading


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