I love playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40k. Seeing wonderfully painted Warhammer armies swarm and fight across great terrain and struggling to capture objectives is fantastic fun. Its a nice social hobby that gets you out of the house and doing things with other people, and is so much more tactile than computer or console games (though I do enjoy my bouts of Halo, Call of Duty, and Total War). Warhammer Armies will dedicate articles to both WFB and 40k — both formats offer a very different gaming experience and I enjoy them both.

Zoanthropes vs DA Dreadnaught 300x224 About My first interest in Games Workshop’s universe of games was Warhammer Fantasy Role playing about 20 years ago. That was a great game! As life moved on, I migrated between miniatures, boardgames, Magic the Gathering, and computer games. I met up with an Army buddy, Brian, a couple years ago and found that he had started playing Warhammer. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Later I realized it might be fun to get into something involving miniatures with my son. Ian loves playing with army men – most boys do. But he really loves it. So, I thought Warhammer was just the thing to do together. We started with 40k because we were both attracted to the models and I love the genre and fluff of the Imperial Universe.  The Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orcs, and Tyranids just really capture my imagination. So, we started with ‘Nids and Dark Angels and have since added Imperial Guard and Orcs. We’ve got lots of work to do on those 40k Armies, though. And we enjoyed the game so much we started making lots of terrain. I like that enough that I’ve started my own blog to share my stories and techniques — check out 40k Terrain. There is lots of stuff there, including some great pictures of games Ian and I have played.

Empire vs Brettons 300x224 AboutHowever, Brian plays Warhammer Fantasy. Last year he invited me to the North Star Tournament. This is hosted at a nice hotel a bit North Minneapolis. We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years, so I said “Sure.” I didn’t play – I just wanted to see an old friend. But, I had a great time. A few months later I entered my first 40k tournament. And then I went to AdeptiCon and played both 40k and Fantasy. Brian and I played teams in Fantasy. We had a blast and did pretty good – 4th or 5th out of dozens of teams! I decided to play this as well — in my opinion, it’s really a completely different game. It took me a while to get on top of it though. I decided to set a date to have an army and chose to make a 2200 point Empire Army for the next North Star Tournament — in only two months. That experience is chronicled at Road to North Star.

Writing and illustrating about Warhammer has been great fun. So, I decided to do another site — this one! On Warhammer Armies, I’ll share myexperiences in tuning army lists (no game should live without Army Builder), assembling and painting our miniatures, and playing our games. There might be a few battle reports and some tournament coverage thrown in. I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. Please feel free to share your ideas any time!

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