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The War Painter — A Passion for Warhammer Armies

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0 The War Painter    A Passion for Warhammer ArmiesLuke Crane has a real passion for Warhammer. I like the documentary and interview feel of this video.  This takes a nice angle on the collector’s side, with nice discussion on why Luke loves collecting Warhammer Armies. He’s also obviously an ardent hobbiest, and loves painting the miniatures.

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Hot Lead Miniatures Painting DVD is Ideal for Warhammer Figures

DVD on painting miniatures ideal for helping to paint Warhammer figures for fantastic Warhammer Armies.

HotLead1 150x150 Hot Lead Miniatures Painting DVD is Ideal for Warhammer FiguresGot a great DVD the other day that will help Warhammer painting. Hot Lead How to Paint a Better Miniatures has three DVDs with over eight hours of instructional material. It is presented by Laszlo Jakusovszky of Reaper Miniatures. The production quality of the DVDs is excellent.

Laszlo is a bit dry -… Continue reading


Adepticon Team Warhammer Tournament Battle Report

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Adepticon 2011 2023 300x225 Adepticon Team Warhammer Tournament Battle ReportBeen almost a month since Adepticon, but still have more to talk about. Played in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles team tournament with my friend Brian. We played Daemons and Vampire Counts — 1000 points each. We had a great time, but ended up 1 and 2. Here’s a very basi battle reports and pictures of some great… Continue reading


Warhammer Armies: I’m ready for Adepticon!

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Imperial Guard229 300x225 Warhammer Armies: Im ready for Adepticon!My Imperial Guard paint scheme has come out just awesome! This will be a great addition to the Warhammer Armies collection, and the first bunch is going to Adepticon to play in Combat Patrol. This is a great tournament format and I’m really looking forward to playing. On Sunday I’m playing with a friend… Continue reading


Warhammer Armies Empire Battalion Kit 800 Point List

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draft lens14148441module134171781photo 1290037299Sample Warhammer Armies Empire Battalion Kit 800 Point ListYou can play a fully legal 800 point army using just the Empire Battalion box. You could even do more with a magic banner or two and some other plus ups. The 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles rule book provides specific requirements for your army. Every Warhammer army must have a general. Of course, there are… Continue reading


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