Warhammer Armies at Adepticon 2011

Adepticon 2011080 300x225 Warhammer Armies at Adepticon 2011First day of Adepticon is coming to a close. I had a blast today! Saw great games, great displays, took a great class on casting Hirst Arts terrain pieces, another class on conceptual drawing for figures, and played Malifaux. I took 124 pictures — it’ll take me awhile to get those posted. I also took 20… Continue reading

Warhammer Armies: I’m ready for Adepticon!

Imperial Guard229 300x225 Warhammer Armies: Im ready for Adepticon!My Imperial Guard paint scheme has come out just awesome! This will be a great addition to the Warhammer Armies collection, and the first bunch is going to Adepticon to play in Combat Patrol. This is a great tournament format and I’m really looking forward to playing. On Sunday I’m playing with a friend… Continue reading

Imperial Guard Chimeras WIP

Imperial Guard73 300x225 Imperial Guard Chimeras WIPMy Warhammer Armies projects are behind schedule! Adepticon is next week… The local 40k team tournament at Total Escape games is the week after… And I’ve a 1000pt Imperial Guard army to paint in the mean time.

I’m making great progress on the Chimeras. I primed them with Army Painter Leather Brown. I… Continue reading

Warhammer Armies For 40k Tournaments

Imperial Guard1 300x225 Warhammer Armies For 40k TournamentsI have two Warhammer 40k tournaments coming up. I’m playing in the 40k Combat Patrol at Adepticon (on April 1st — can’t wait to see what pranks gamers play at conventions!) Also, my son and I are playing in a team tournament on April 9th at the local game story (… Continue reading

Warhammer Armies at Adepticon

IMG 0931 225x300 Warhammer Armies at AdepticonI take off for Adepticon with my Warhammer armies in 10 or 11 days. I’m playing both Warhammer Fantasy Battles (team tournament with my friend Brian) and Warhammer 40k (Combat Patrol). I’m also going to take some work shops on painting miniatures and casting terrain. One serious problem. I’m not ready. I just looked at… Continue reading

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