Warhammer Armies: Adepticon Combat Patrol

Adepticon 2011 1071 300x225 Warhammer Armies: Adepticon Combat PatrolCombat patrol remains my favorite Warhammer format. The larger 40k games are great, and WFB teams are awesome fun, too. But for shear fun and playability the small Warhammer 40k Armies used for combat patrol are hard to top.

I takes a bit of work to make a balanced Warhammer game, however. You’ve really got to modify the force composition rules a bit. There’s always a chance that a Codex will dominate (this year, Eldar War Walkers were pretty hard to beat). The Adepticon rules are simple:

  • 400 point list
  • slimmed down force composition with the main requirement being you must have at least 1 troop choice
  • Excepting troops and swarms, no model more than 2 wounds
  • Psykers can’t uses any power requiring a psychic test
  • No model may have a 2+ save
  • No monsterous creatures
  • No specials, uniques, or named characters
  • Vehicles may have a maximum of 11 armor on any facing except dedicated transports which may have forward armor of 12

My Warhammer army was Imperial Guard, as my regular readers will know. A single platoon consisting of command squad and two basic squads. I took three Chimeras, one with the heavy flamer. Each squad had a vox caster and also a las cannon heavy weapons team. This seemed to work REALLY well.

In the end, I had one win (composition rules violation — it was a great game and I hate winning that way), one draw (very strange game), and two losses. Here’s some pictures from the games:

First Match: Ben Boggs playing Tyranids. This is the game with the composition violation — Ben had brought a Trevigon. I challenged him on it, but didn’t find the rule that excluded it (even though it says clearly NO MONSTEROUS CREATURES). We only get one hour per game and I didn’t want to loose time figure out a rule. Still, it was a really fun game. It was a huge challenge trying to bring down the Trevigon, and I just couldn’t do it. The judges came to me during the next match and advised that Ben had forfeited my match and adjusted his force for the rest of the matches.

One thing to note is that Ben’s Tyranid Army is awesome. VERY, VERY nice conversions — the Trevigon is custom design with full three spore stacks that he casts from resin. Nice mods on his Termigaunts and well done bases, and a fairly decent paint job.

Adepticon 2011 1061 300x225 Warhammer Armies: Adepticon Combat Patrol

Second Match: Rork Lobsta’s Bluee Mob by Mark Nicklaus. Mark’s Ork Army was really nicely painted. It was pretty traditional with Lootas, gretchin, and too mobz with trukks. He held his trukks in reserve (with the boyz, of course). He also held the gretchin in reserve. I swept two squads up on my right and got too close to his opposite edge. The trukks came in and and the boyz assaulted my poor Guard — little humies aren’t much challenge to Boyz’ in a fight, afterall. The trukks ended up contesting my objective, and his gretchin came in after I killed the lootas and held his. This was a good game in which Mark soundly trounced me.  Still, I thought I did ok. Someday, I’ll learn tactics.

Adepticon 2011 1072 225x300 Warhammer Armies: Adepticon Combat PatrolMatch Three: This match brought me up against Robert Collins playing Orks. His Ork Army was unpainted. A huge squad of lootas and another huge squad of gretching, and my favorite Orky dude — Big Mek with Shokk attack. In the end, I robbed myself this match. I easily wiped out the lootas, but just couldn’t kill enough of the gretchin to kill the Mek. I needed to assault his objective and destroy it. I didn’t, and even though he ended the game with a few gretchin, their boss, and the Mek, having only destroying my command squad, he one on kill points. Bummer.

Adepticon 2011 1076 300x225 Warhammer Armies: Adepticon Combat PatrolFourth and Final Match: Played Charles Tuey’s Drkmorals. Yet another Ork Army! His had another Shokk Attack gun, a huge squad of boyz, and 2 killa cans. Objectives: either kill the enemy leader or get yours off the board or both. Result ended up being a draw — just as Charles said it would at the beginning of the match. He was easily the best player I encountered, and a really nice guy, too. Charles has a blog, as well: The Emporer’s Codex.

Adepticon 2011 1081 300x225 Warhammer Armies: Adepticon Combat Patrol

Both losses were due to tactics errors on my part. Lessons re-learned:

  • Think about the flexibility reinforcements give to the opposing player.  I got completely crushed in close assaults from reinforcements. Genestealers on the edge; Orks coming in fast way into the board. Got to cover your flanks.
  • Fight more aggressively. My Chimeras are fast. I need to use them to get up closer faster so I can capture objectives.

On another note, got a video done on the freebies Adepticon sponsors handed out.

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  1. Drkmorals says:

    Hey man it was good to meet you. How did you end up doing in the team tourney?

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