Hot Lead Miniatures Painting DVD is Ideal for Warhammer Figures

HotLead1 150x150 Hot Lead Miniatures Painting DVD is Ideal for Warhammer FiguresGot a great DVD the other day that will help Warhammer painting. Hot Lead How to Paint a Better Miniatures has three DVDs with over eight hours of instructional material. It is presented by Laszlo Jakusovszky of Reaper Miniatures. The production quality of the DVDs is excellent.

Laszlo is a bit dry – you probably aren’t going to be riveted to the screen here. However, he does paint a mean miniature. Hobbiests are going to get excellent tutorials on virtually all aspects of painting Warhammer figures. Volume one shows how to prep and base your models, goes through priming, and then goes into the basic painting skills. This includes basecoating, washing, dry brushing, outlining, and finishing up. It includes specific material on skin, faces, and metallics.

Volume two carries on into advanced techniques. Greater detail, blending, and layer are reviewed thoroughly. Flaws are repaired and Laszlo covers the unique factors of painting the the Human form. Volume three wraps up the set exactly where you’d think: non-metallic metals, gems, and advanced basing.

This isn’t the stuff for painting armies. This video will help with that, but the real focus is on superb, individual miniatures. So, this will help add richly detailed characters and monsters Warhammer Armies. Have fun!

Supplies are limited, but I have added a link to buy this DVD on my Squidoo Warhammer Armies page.

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