The War Painter — A Passion for Warhammer Armies

0 The War Painter    A Passion for Warhammer ArmiesLuke Crane has a real passion for Warhammer. I like the documentary and interview feel of this video.  This takes a nice angle on the collector’s side, with nice discussion on why Luke loves collecting Warhammer Armies. He’s also obviously an ardent hobbiest, and loves painting the miniatures.

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  1. CupcakePanda007 says:

    stupid copyright …
    stupid copyright infringement

  2. woodbinedrinker says:

    It’s not Youtube, …
    It’s not Youtube, as much as it’s people who snitch to big corporations and their lawyers.

  3. moirproductions says:

    Where on earth did …
    Where on earth did you get those dwarf warriors with the spears? I thought they only came with axes and such.

  4. arcticdepth says:

    @cartystoke LOL …

  5. connorgow says:

    Dude……… …
    Dude……… need to get laid

  6. connorgow says:

    @jbillonthemake xD
    @jbillonthemake xD

  7. FazopTheWizard says:

    @jbillonthemake I …
    @jbillonthemake I wonder if you have….

  8. darthd95 says:

    kill crash and …
    kill crash and destroy……..wmg

  9. tollpatsch1986 says:

    ahhhh please remove …
    ahhhh please remove the sound they are claiming you for upload it again.

  10. BIGbry14 says:

    this is scary if u …
    this is scary if u read this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 15 videos in 2 hours good luck hope u dont die

  11. princewazere says:

    also why do you keep your miniatures in a box all the time?
    i have mine spread around my room on scenarios and such

  12. GarryRat says:

    Sorry, man, your …
    Sorry, man, your voice is ours now
    – WMG

    Welcome to the world of copyright

  13. 3seaw4dr says:

    Wish i could hear …
    Wish i could hear what he’s saying. Goddamnit.

  14. xXLibertyPrimeXx says:

    Wow youtube
    Wow youtube

  15. ultramarine1234 says:

    yeah they me …
    yeah they me off

  16. crazy00metal says:

    ow, what is that? 2 …
    ow, what is that? 2:24

  17. crazy00metal says:

    that’s the spirit :D
    that’s the spirit :D

  18. crazy00metal says:

    woops sorry, i meen …
    woops sorry, i meen 2:39

  19. Trencher1375 says:

    Fix the sound!!!
    Fix the sound!!!

  20. jbillonthemake says:

    I wonder if this …
    I wonder if this guy has ever seen a vagina.

  21. GhettoHomiee says:

    this video is so …
    this video is so inspiring, i love goblins <3
    i have a goblin master 3000
    its amazingly painted, by me ofcourse.i <3 zombies yay

  22. Beefdipings says:

    wow youtube remove …
    wow youtube remove the audio….-_-

  23. johnpearceonearth says:

    it takes me ages to …
    it takes me ages to model and paint my minis. I thought I was wierd until you said it takes you about 4hrs per mini!

  24. imacinni says:

    how long have you …
    how long have you been playing, i play orcs too . do you paint each piece before you put them together?

  25. powermetal963 says:

    wow indeed..

    wow indeed..
    fucking youtube
    fucking sell-outs

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